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After spending many years in global business environment, I experienced that especially manufacturing companies are not using their full potential technically and commercially as they should be. Cordnplast was born of an idea to fill up these gaps by making them part of this economic opportunity. With the age of digitalization, needs increased, new regulations are forcing companies to get more sustainable operations.

For its clients, Cordnplast creates projects by a well-known “Decrease-Cost” and “Increase-Value” approach. But today, this is not enough!  We strongly believe setting-up collaborations and consortiums among companies is the only way to fulfill the complex needs of clients in the most economical way. Otherwise, windows are closing and opportunities are disappearing very fast.  

Depending on the needs, we adapt our services; we sometimes become a SALES FORCE, who distributes the goods of its clients globally, or a MARKETING ADVISOR, who creates ideas to boost the sales of our clients' portfolio, or a BUSINESS DEVELOPER, who sets-up a new supply chain by finding partners or a PROJECT DEVELOPER, who creates projects with innovative and/or recycled raw materials... 

We are mainly focused on two sectors; ENGINEERING PLASTICS & TECHNICAL TEXTILES. In Engineering Plastics, we produce Specialty Compounds such as High-Gloss, Anti-scratch or Shielding materials. For Technical Textiles, we are concentrated in Conductive Textiles and Airbags...

To get more information regarding our solutions, please meet with our team, we are always ready to assist you with our full commitment of Confidentiality and Trust.


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