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Cordnplast is a supplier of intermediate materials for industrial usage. 

Company HQ based in Turkey. 

Main supplied materials are,

1. Compounded Granules (PP, PA, PE and others),

2. Recycled Granules and Regrinds (PP, PA, PE, PVC, PBT and others),

3. Carbon Fabrics (Unidirectional)

4. Carbon Prepregs (Unidirectional)

5. Technical yarns, fabrics and nonwovens. 

Sustainable, precise and secured supply-chain is controlled by professional agents in Turkey, Germany, Italy and China.

Guaranteed quality is obtained by certificated suppliers with long-term agreements.

Customized specialties supplied under Cordnplast brands by toll manufacturers.

All system designed to be able to present affordable prices, on-time delivery and outstanding technical service.  

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